Tue 6 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Leo Blooms - Raoul wallenberg, Tel Aviv,

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What is behavioral economics? What is the connection between it and the classical economy?
Why do not people save enough for retirement, and how can you change it?
And why do we sell chicken in shekels?

Prof. Doron Kliger, a specialist in finance and behavioral economics, will be hosting Funzing Talks for a fascinating lecture in which you will meet the new area of ​​behavioral economics, a meeting point between economics, psychology and other areas of knowledge. We will play economic games (the ultimatum game, the dictator’s game) and gain insights from them; And we will understand whether the old economy is no longer valid, as they quoted (mistakenly) the words of Nobel Prize laureate in economics Prof. Daniel Kahneman.

As part of the lecture, you will familiarize yourself with the uses of the behavioral economy in the business sector and in the civil service; We will learn about the characteristics of decision making, including the many biases that characterize people’s decisions (bias of the present, bias of the existing situation, mental accounting);

And summarize with familiarity with the way we work with behavioral economics tools to solve practical problems. The lecture is full of examples and invites the audience to actively participate in economic games and discussions.

Prof. Doron Kliger is a faculty member in the Department of Economics, University of Haifa, specializing in finance and behavioral economics. Head of Behavioral Economics (in cooperation with the Technion) and specialization in finance; And is an academic member of the Israel Association of Actuaries (ILAA).

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