Mon 29 October 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
RAMA - King George 38, Tel Aviv,

True, we celebrate all year round. We hope you will celebrate with us at least once or twice.
But suddenly we picked up the date and without realizing the “Rama” was already two years old.
We understood that the moment had come to stop, to look and to be moved by what was ..
But here it is much more exciting when an event takes place.
And when we learned that the elections for the local authorities became a sabbatical – we realized that we had a great date that allowed all of you to celebrate, eat, get drunk and not worry that the next day is allowed to sleep late ..

So the concept of our annual festivities the majority are familiar with .. The King George Street for an entire festival we become ..

Do not be surprised if at the event you will see stalls, surprises, and acrobats that turn the Rama site into a fair once a year.

So just before you go to the polling station to make such an important decision with an impact on our city and its future … remember that there is a little stop to stop and this is the annual celebration of the “Rama” which is slowly growing in a year ..

Assaf Hartal will play all night to have music to complete the experience and we all hope that we will see you in a celebration and the “Rama” wish to 120 years ..

Look for gifts, drinks, pizzas, surprises and scenery.
Yalla are waiting for you Monday at the Manor Building (King George 38, Tel Aviv).

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