Sat 15 September 2018 | 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
- , , From 80 NIS

Saturday 15 September We embark on an adventure of almost 12 hours under the open air about twenty minutes from Tel Aviv in a rare location equipped with the most frightening sound and lighting systems we have seen, lavish toilets, showers, accessible bars filled with all the best, loving and loving staff. Yes, swimming pool

Welcome to Rabbit Island! Try to imagine a lush tropical island with fruit trees, a combination of a pristine Philippine beach, a Caribbean character, full of colorful rabbits and treats of the exotic beaches of Thailand. What do you think? Is there a picture in my head? Delete it, because what we’re going to pick up for you is far above what the average mind can imagine

As always and a little more, the rabbit tailpipe will be accurate, surprising and if we even introduce you to a new rabbit who joined our perfect family

We do not save on the cruise. The scenery will turn a blind eye, the gifts and the surprises will spill over you until you feel that you are in a kind of combination of Christmas, Chanukah and the war of divorced new parents seeking to win the war for the love of their children

The number of tickets is limited and in the absence of any other notice, the purchase will be made only in advance sale

Coconut Cards: First round of 200 tickets for 80 NIS for the rabbits that are quick for you.
Mango Cards: Second round until September 2nd for 100 NIS
Papaya tickets: Tuesday through September 9 for NIS 120
Pineapple tickets: last round until the day of the event if there are only one ticket left for 140 NIS

If the opening of funds is possible on the day of the event, the price of the ticket will be 150 NIS, but due to the great demand we do not recommend waiting for this moment because chances are that it will not arrive

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