Sat 4 August 2018 | 1:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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Oh my dear rabbits and rabbits
Saturday, August 4th The opening shot for our fourth year of activity
Those who have been with us for some time now know that our greatest weakness is that we get bored quickly. Do you add another weakness (or maybe it’s strength)? And it’s the urge for wild exaggerations and there’s an event for our retarded people – Welcome to the Rabbit Hotel

After passing through the reception and getting the keys to your room, you can have a refreshing cocktail in the lobby located in our pleasant courtyard and then head to one of your rooms, the hotel bar, our conference hall, but we probably believe you will concentrate in one of the four hotel rooms, Incredible sellers of sand rabbits. As always we will not spare the scenery, we can touch the video art that has long since become one of our signs of recognition. The surprises will flow at a dizzying pace, and you will be warned of some of the most memorable ones you have experienced

What distinguishes our hotel is of course the nature of our guests, yes you are
So go ahead and reserve the Sabbath, make sure that everyone who cares about you will be doing the same thing, and this time, maybe more than ever, we recommend canceling any commitment that can be canceled the day after, our hotel will not rest

If you find yourself in a hotel in the heart of the Carmel, it is still a distant dream and you have long understood that you have nothing to look for in Eilat hotels, the Rabbit Hotel is the hotel for you.

August is the height of the season and the number of available places is very limited. Your recommendation is to arrive early. Arrival confirmation is not a safe entry gift and entry is based on availability only

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