Sat 29 July 2017 | 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
- , , 120 NIS

Hey rabbits and friends of rabbits, we missed! Hope you too.

On Saturday 29 the of the month under the sky, about half an hour north of Tel Aviv alongside a small orchard with a swimming pool pampering fruit trees, spice beds and around the roosters, ducks and one or two horses a small number of rabbits and rabbits’ friends are going to do what they know best Well, fly and fly high high in the air with the perfect rabbit soundtrack, Hart’s touches and familiar atmosphere, and our disturbed rabbit rabbits.

After a brief recovery and piles of memories and stories of unforgettable moments in the last wilderness we return to our third journey toward the next wilderness. The road has long become with us no less important than the target itself. Some of you who have been accompanying us from the beginning can attest to the constant desire and experience to raise the bar, to add a special rabbit twist in each event, to transcend and always aim higher and more exaggerated. So after two Midbarans, a flower edition at Maariv, a storm edition in the block, a pool edition, the Love Army edition at Uman 17 in Tel Aviv, and more we are excited to bring you the next thing.

The event as usual is a day event. The opening time is 12:00 and the party will close at exactly 22:00. The location is amazing but (what to do there is always but) the number of tickets is extremely limited! This is not a prank trick and it is more important than ever to make it clear to you and Dvor with complete candor about the number of limited tickets, the more fashionable latecomers we are preparing for disappointment, do not buy in advance and quickly – you will not be able to take part. Unfortunately, most of you are our friends and it is important for us to try to wake you up in time.

Lainap: Adi Shabat, Omer and Shaked, Ray Harel, Nadova, Omri Gueta, Ilya Margulis and Uriah Klepter.

Tickets – Second round – 120 NIS

Do not you have credit? Write us a message to our official page.

The exact location will be posted near the day of the event.

As always, we will be happy to meet with you for the wedding and the theme of the event, and come dressed, come crazy, come in love, come dance, come fall in love and most importantly bring swimwear!

Yours always and win rabbits in the sand.

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