Thu 27 February 2020 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv,

Pre- Purim Event

Three ensembles that reflect completely different worlds will rise one by one on the papaito stage, propelling you to surf in a pre-Purim spirit that will take you to unprecedented heights.

Tamar Aphek

with Tamar Afek’s trio guarantees you a ride in the time tunnel of the local and global undergrowth scene. From the turnstile station and the Hutsamza festivals you will reach all styles of rock, dance, electronics and everything in between. You will not need any herbal supplement to fly up and reach the peaks.


Junzi is a folk duo born of the strong relationship between Jania and Silenko and Yoav Or. In a small secluded house on the hillside of Mount Zamarin overlooking Carmel, the couple began to write music. Over the past four years, they have dismantled
and reassembled the songs until they distilled them into a fascinating new creation – powerful folk songs wrapped in an
electronic yet delicate song that correspond with places from their travels around the globe and sung with two voices.

is his alter ego, an incarnation that once combines past sounds with the most talked about topics in today’s everyday discourse. The British accented troubadour, who writes songs inspired by Monty Peyton and the psychedelic era but in reality it is generally Itamar, 27, single from Jaffa, who encompasses himself in books, animals, animation and
listening composition >

Kid Koko
will catch up and continue with us into the night …


Ticket price: 50 NIS in early sale and 60 NIS in the evening


Opening of doors: 21:00

Location: Papayahu, Shlomo 29, Tel Aviv

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