Thu 14 March 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Art Club - Lilienblum 23, Tel Aviv,


Yes… In the middle of retirement, we are called to the RED flag, because the pussy never stops! (Owners of all types genitals are welcome)

We are camp PUSSISINEMA – a stage for radical famine inspiration.
This is our annual camp fund-raising event for our desert home at Midburn. The world renowned regional Israel Burning man.

You are hereby invited to our RED party! The color of passion, blood, socialism and a baboons behind. We will celebrate wild femininity, love, power, humor, dance, art, goddesses, diva’s and superhero’s

Except that this time it’s in RED.

We are all volunteers in this project, bringing the message of the pussy to the world for 5 years in a row.

Breaking conventions with radical performances, movies, music, songs, stories and magic out of love.

All income from the event will be used for our home at Midburn where we share our gift.

***** So what’s on the Menu *****

as always red salad, strawberries and red pomelos.
Fantastic music, live performances, our cinema, our videos, our naughty photo studio and a few more surprises we can’t share yet.

***** Dress Code ******

Red bordello.
Take out that lipstick, garters, stockings, corsets, tights, scarfs, bowties, evening gowns, boots gloves, tails, noses – as long as it’s red.

Reminder: Entrance will not be permitted in a onesie, even if it’s red !

****** The lineup ******

get ready for this yummi music sandwich:

The Queen, The Hunk, and The Rabbi

The Queen.Adisha Bat –

The Hunk Gadi Schneider –

DJ Rabbi Itzik Harel – Ohana –

Rules and regulations:

Adult only event
Photography is prohibited (except in the designated areas), We’d like to remain undocumented – thank you very much! And if you really really (really!) have to have a selfie, only with permission, and respect! And turn off your flash – it’s bad for the skin.
Beyond all – respect personal boundaries and treat everyone in the respect they deserve.
No means no, maybe means no, enthusiastic yes means yes. Don’t be a douchebag.
No smoking inside, there is a designated area outside for all of your inhaling and exhaling requirements.

Tickets – They’re going to go fast, so reserve yours early.

With love

The Pussies
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