Thu 8 March 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Hamam - Mifraz Shlomo 10, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS


Welcome hotties😜 it’s happening again!

We are Pussinema – home to radical inspiration for woman by movies and by stage. it is fund raising event for our home in Midburn.
Everybody are volunteers: expressing, performing, playing, producing, making magic out of love and mainly Breaking routine radically.

You are invited to the Pussiz after Purim ball – celebration of feminism, love, power, humor, movement, art, Witches, magicians, goddesses, divas and superheroes.
So, we searched for the perfect place to have this magical Purim event and Apparently It was waiting for us!
In the middle of enchanted garden there is a 200 year old structure that had many transformations, from turkish hamam, to the first disco club in israel, and to respectable theatre, and now to the most outrages life cycle in the cosmos: PUSSINEMA BALL.

We will be hosted for one night, which will be mysterious with whispering walls, alcoves, and pits to do what we are best in – celebrate feminine inspiration!
Live shows throughout the night, best music from the best DJs, our movie theater and many more surprises that we won’t reveal now…

Dress code:
You are coming to a ball! fancy bordel with oriental touches. ancient and enchanted 30’s.
The french lady Got on the orient express to turkish hamam, and she and the local gardener… it’s all in your head!! Surprise us as usual 😉 Detailed dress code post will come later…

Respect the rules:
-No photos! we want to be free to be ourselves. if you have to selfie, only with permission and respect! and no flash ‘because it is not flattering.
-Respect to personal space is a must!
-No smoking – you have the roof and garden to do that.

Love to ya’ll

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