Sun 17 March 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Kuli Alma - Mikve Yisrael 10, Tel Aviv, FREE


Purim is not every day. And when Adar (The Jewish month of March) enters, we’re full of with joy. And other things that say that we can PARTY HARD, all with the approval of religious Zionism. After all, we need their approval … Just think that maybe it will be the last Purim before you need permission. Like the exaggerating with the apocalyptic prophecies thinks.
And this year Purim at the Kuli Alma is a full week of live shows and parties

Live Show by WC
DJ Ori Toledano

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30

Drag show by MIKVEH Drag Show with Erika HistErika Miss AmErika
DJ Moti Saadia

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30

Live show by Malox – Daft Brass, brass processing for Daft Punk
DJ Gili Eliash

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30

Live show by ליאורה יצחק העמוד הרשמי liora isaac
DJ’s DJ Evgeni Chertkov + JUICEYSAP

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30

DJ’s: KabookiZ + Ori Shochat

Doors 20:00

Noon Party 12:00-21:00 by Bicicletta’s Purim Fest #5 @kuli Alma
The night with: DJ Erez Todres + DJ Moshik Ben Zohar

Doors 12:00

Live Show by Hoodna Orchestra
DJ’s: Kolot Me Africa – קולות מאפריקה

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30


Art by Alona Nof

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