Sat 27 May 2023 | 12:00 pm - 11:45 pm
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Once every few years, an event takes place in Israel that changes the face of this culture from end to end.
There were several such productions over the years that changed everything we knew about outdoor festivals in Israel. This bar has stopped in recent years and as always, this tune cannot be stopped.

The connection made here brings years of experience alongside a fresh vibe, which not only preserves the good that was, but also brings a statement of our time to the broads.

Meet PSYLIFE Festival, which will be held here for the first time on Shavuot, May 27, 2023. A festival that will take everything you know about festivals, and raise the quality and investment a little more.
And really, every stone you pass by, there is a thought behind its placement.
The big tents that will be set up for camping, the musical construction, the setting, the spectacular location chosen.
Everything to create here a new benchmark of a trance festival, the likes of which has never been here before.

Ok, so we’ll sort things out for you

We are PSYLIFE, a combination of teams from the southern and central regions, with crazy productions we’ve done in recent years, some of the team has been producing events since the early 90s, while some of the team members were recruited especially for the festival, yes, we found the people who exactly match the DNA we’re building here.

The values ​​of freedom, love, mutual respect and affection for nature stand before our eyes.
Along with these values, we want to bring production capacity at the highest level in Israel, and simply do things differently. More invested, more exciting, wholeheartedly.

The location:
Chan-Hashayarot is one of the most spectacular locations in Israel.
360 degrees of desert, combined with modern comfort, an ideal place for a music festival where we want to be reborn, forget ourselves and find unforgettable moments of holy bliss.

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