Fri 28 July 2017 | 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Red House - Israel Mislant 39, Tel Aviv, 15 NIS

If this event did not happen it would have to be invented.
The red house, before it became a gallery and a residence, and all the restored amphitheater, was and still is a magnificent Ottoman estate with a high arched ceiling and colorful tiles, and it is not suitable to fill it with groovy, disco, The neighborhood. Wave!

We promise to feed you only your ears and stomach with the gurma, with responsibility:

Old foxes who come with a line, first on a la vignale and later until nightfall with the best electronics –


They are proud to host Ba Li Tali, the mama-lina come to me
Mama Lina – an organic vegan kitchen from Florentine (and from all the heart), organizes a confusing fusion of fusion between India and Morocco! Samosas, mumos, landscapes … a madness of original flavors and textures, a psychoactive food experience at exciting prices. (Tali at 30)

A Friday lunch at the outskirts of necessity,
There are fruit trees in the garden and there are signs on the entire Ayalon Valley,
Stir yourself into your mouth and sweat!

15 NIS at the entrance

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