Fri 9 June 2017 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
- , , 150 NIS

Well we must admit that doing a trance festival in Erez Israel is not easy at all!

After a year of hard and massive work with the permissions and paperwork, and after we made it clear to them that we were not a scene coming and going, that we are a large community that remains here for a very long time!

Family, tribe and dear friends, after three years of underground movements, we are proud and excited to open the summer at the first outdoor festival in Israel which is approved by all authorities and is very limited to only 2,000 people who are filtered!

The festival will be about half an hour south of Tel Aviv. A huge stage with a special decor from abroad, surrounded by 10 acres of green grass and scattered chill corners for your enjoyment. 3 monsters of Funkshin sound system with the best ultrasound !! A great forest remind us of Mother Earth, and a huge Olympic swimming pool! Massages for relieving the feet that are going to hurt, a large area of ​​good people to share the love! Facepainting, cheap alcohol and a mini market!

We’ve teamed up with Eventer so that you can now buy tickets directly from our website in the box below:

Location will be given an hour before the event, event by prepaid entrance only. There will be no option to transfer tickets, the ticket is personally. For questions contact Eventer.

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