Thu 20 September 2018 | 8:30 pm
Old Jaffa - Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

Jaffa. night.
A rustle rises from the garbage cans.
Someone peering into a real estate agency.
Quiet. Taking pictures

A puppet theater stage becomes a photographic set to tell a local urban legend. The camera places in the spotlight the everyday details that are common and forgotten to document the delicate texture of Jaffa. The attempt to capture the fragile reality is undermined when cracks break through the screen.

The construction boom is entering Jaffa and threatening the old houses, while preservation efforts are taking care of the front, the soul of the house is in danger. The store gallery hosts the Jaffa house so that it can expose its world. But not as a nostalgic nostalgia but as an honest look at our present reality, in which loneliness is growing stronger in the face of alienated screens. The dialogue created between these two real estate poses the complex relationship between Tel Aviv and Jaffa not only as a material for the viewer’s eyes but as an act of animation of dolls.

The show was created as part of the Residency program of the Gallery Theater Gallery and with the support of the Cultural Director.

Creators: Igor and Anna
Directed by Sharon Silver-Merritt
Dramaturgy: Zvi Sahar
Music: Igor Krotogolov
Artistic escort: Shahar Marom
Costume Design: Galia Grinband
Sound design: Yuri Freimenko


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