Tue 25 July 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Wix Small Business Center - Yosef Yekutieli 4, Tel Aviv, FREE (RSVP needed)

Our ProductTank TLV meetup on Tuesday July 25, will be walking the unavoidable path to product manager’s nightmarish future: product flop; “Products of Future Past: mistakes from the past,lessons for the future”.

We have two insightful talks lined up for this month:

Tzvika Barenholz, Head of Platform at Aleph VC with his talk:
“6 Product Lessons I learned from Google+. Or: how to fail completely”

Failure is just a great opportunity to learn and should be celebrated as such. What lessons can Product Managers draw from the rollercoaster ride of Google+? How will you know if your product is on a similarly dangerous path? Let’s dig up some memories from 2010-2012 and find out together.

In this session Tzvika will share 6 concrete lessons he learned during his time of creating one of the best failures we know. You can try and avoid some mistakes by creating better work environment, following the right signals from the market, plan better and overall – have the right mindset. In this ‘how to think about products’ talk Tzvika will share his thoughts regarding past failures, how to deal with them and hopefully, how to avoid them.

And, Ariel Kedem, VP Products at Knowmail with his talk: “My future mistake: What ignoring voice UI in my product roadmap did to our company?”

In 2020 we had to shut down our product operation.
Why? Voice became 50% of the market, but only 10% of our roadmap was dedicated to it.
Our savvy users couldn’t talk to us anymore, we were literally speechless.

In this session, Ariel will talk about his “future failure”: “As a product manager from the GUI era, I failed to focus our product on the voice experience that became 50% of the market (back in 2020 ;)). Our product/market fit collapsed in 12 months. We tried to fix it with more features and not by looking on the market and enhancing the visual aspect with the vocal experience”.
In this ‘how to plan your products’ talk Ariel will share his thoughts regarding future failures, and will share his strategy and tips on how to best prepare to them.

The agenda for this meetup:
19:00 Mingling and Munching
19:30 Tzvika will share from his experience
20:00 Ariel will share from his experience
20:30 Re-Mingling

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