Thu 29 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Gan Meir - King George Street, Tel Aviv,

Amos Gutman (1954-1993), the first proud filmmaker out of the closet, has directed three short films and four full-length feature films considered an asset to Iron Sheep in Israeli film history. In the late 1980s, Gutman was the first Israeli filmmaker to feature his queer life in Tel Aviv.

On Thursday, the 29.8 will hold a festive outdoor screening at the Meir Garden. Proud wives and filmmakers, together created a filmic monument to a unique filmmaker who created breakthrough LGBT films at a time when the community was far from the heart of social consensus.

* We recommend arriving with Mat or quilt for sitting (:

Gutman double five >> Five different episodes created inspired by the story of the life and films of director Amos Gutman. The different plot scenes in the project range from different genres and cinematic styles:

◀ Sivan Levi will take us with her movie My Funny Valentine to “Bar 51” and meet us with Apollonia Goldstein as played by Gila Goldstein. Other cast: Rebecca Michaeli, who starred in “Wonderful Grace” (1992) and Smadar Kilchinsky, star of “Bar 51”.

◀ Yoav Inbar will take us to the beginning of the 1980s for the story of a kind-hearted Haifa boy who decides to make his way from Haifa to the “Gay Garden” in Tel Aviv, the Independence Garden.

◀ couple Ronny Almog, Emil Ray film about a film director, middle-aged speaking with the young director of “infected” (1983) and wonder what has changed in life LGBT people in thirty years.

◀ Yoav Brill plan highlights the animated film after one of the practices most intimate and the public that – two Men are holding hands

◀ Director Stephanie Abramovich will meet us with Amos’ mother, Kati Gutman – Twenty years have passed since her only child died of AIDS. Today, for the first time,

Directed by Sivan Levy, Yoav Inbar, Ronnie Almog and Emil Ray, Yoav Brill, Stephanie Abramovich and Mish. A unique cinematic project produced by the International Film Festival, proudly supported by the Rabinovich Foundation.

On the passages that connect the films and describe the spirit of Amos Gutman who tours 21st century Tel Aviv, the animator Mish is responsible.

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