Mon 17 February 2020 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Refrigirator - Hahashmonaim 88, Tel Aviv,

What does the occupation look like on the other side of the lens? What does it mean to survey him and what are the dangers? How do you create activist journalism when institutionalized media is not interested? And how do launchers report for advertising when shooting whistles and bundles of rubber balls?

The “Learners for Peace” initiative invites you to a meeting with journalist, photographer and activist Oren Ziv (a local talk, Activistiles) in which he will discuss the behind-the-scenes documentation of the most important events that have occurred in recent years in the Occupied Territories and in the arena of protest and activism in Israel and Palestine.

Afterwards, a conversation will be held with peace activists who will tell how they decided to abandon their part in the armed struggle and join the non-violent struggle for peace, justice and the end of the occupation.

The meeting is open to the public! Come and invite friends

“Learners for Peace” – a series of lectures with activists, media and public policy and legal experts, initiated by the Peace Fighters movement. In the series we will discuss topics that concern the peace camp, most notably the question: How to bring about social change through activism.

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