Fri 10 August 2018 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Jaffa - Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

Soul food feeds the mood ~
Food for the soul nourishes a good feeling
I, and believe that we all, love health with sensation and sensation, body and soul.
I believe that a conscious and rich vegan diet is the best option for ourselves, for our world and for life itself!
I am happy to support this and therefore holds a workshop for the preparation of natural cheeses that helps to be accessible and full of satisfaction from every meal.
In the workshop I share in the preparation of a variety of super delicious vegan cheese and super nutritious.
A healthy vegan diet focuses on what you eat and not just what you do not. What can be as vegan as many cheeses sold in supermarkets can contain nutrients that are excessively unwanted and over-processed and kept away from being natural food.
The workshop prepares and eats healthy vegan cheeses that you can easily prepare for yourself,
# Bio-probiotic yogurt
# Molten mozzarella and balls
# To Labana
# Soft cheeses applied
# Cheese hard to spread
# Grated parmesan
All contain only natural ingredients and some even go through the process of gibbon fermentation so they are not spread nuts but cheese.
All cheeses are a great addition to the menu and all of them of all ages love them and enjoy the right nourishment of the body and soul
The cost of the workshop is 260 NIS
Registration at 0545855586
Life blessings are filled with all the best vegan on earth
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