Fri 3 May 2019 - Sat 4 May 2019 | 10:30 am - 2:00 pm
Binyamini House - HaAmal 17, Tel Aviv,

Pottery Slam 2 | Body: Life cycle

Friday Saturday 3/5 / 2019-4 10: 30-14: 00
Treasures: Shira Silverstone Netta Levavi
Photo: ‘On Body Language’ Shani Reches
Photo: Assaf Cohen

The Pottery Slam event takes place for the second time at the Benyamini House, during which the gallery and the roof of the Binyamini House become a temporary laboratory of material, body, action and words.

POTRI SALAM 2 – CHEM (R) Body: Life cycle, offering an unusual encounter between material and body, with reference to the various stages in the life cycle of the material. In the current event, the unique connection that usually appears only in the studio is emphasized: heat, body, material, and this triad becomes the center of the work. The incarnations of the material and its various properties – flexible / stable / fragile / dry / wet / liquid / solid and more – are expressed through performances, exhibits and artistic performances.
The entire process is documented in video and projected onto a screen in the gallery, so that visitors can observe the processes that took place before entering the creative space.

Participants: Shlomit Mandelkern, Albert Einstein, Carmit Hasin, Estefania Valls Urquijo, Rachel Menashe Dor, Tal Dayan, Daniel Gerber, Neta Peretz, Dror Shoval, Tal Frenkel Alroy Yael Atzmony Yahel Peizner, Inbar Frim, Daphna Yalon, Shani Reches, Anya Kirzner – Noa Almagor Ben-Dor Ronen Yamin, Hila Dror, Amnon Amos, Shirley Ratmanevsky, Mika Orstav, Jonathan Nosan – Artist

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