Thu 21 June 2018 - Sat 23 June 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Cuckoo's Nest - Noam 3, Tel Aviv,

Cuckoo Postrease Festival
Thursday through Saturday, 21-23 June

● ●

After a year of exhibitions, parties, dinners and nights on the bar – the cuckoo’s nest, the hallucination that is home, and the house that is the hallucination – raising a birthday day as it should be, and celebrating an equally important matter – a new post-

What is expected in the Cuckoo Feast? – Rotem Bar Or (Angelica) ● Yossi Payne and Ben Ayalon – The Blue Desert ● Pacoutek ● Pankamel ● Jenny Pankin Live ● Performance ● Video Art ● Live Painting ● Panda Pita ● Eilon Yoeli Shakshak and Host ● The Caribbean Connection ● More

And in the Posturez gallery – what is this? – Each of the exhibition’s artists, the Prettymans and Friends group, brings a limited number of new posters, and each design has a very limited edition of copies. What is eventually received is a very colorful exhibition of a lot of new and unique posters for Allah

The hidden secret – you come to the exhibition and pay for the posters as much as you like. Or in other words – Faye Hugh Want

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