Wed 1 January 2020 - Mon 6 January 2020 | 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
POP UP Museum TLV - Katzenelson 7, Tel Aviv,

After the dazzling success of the first Pop-Up museum TLV
22,000 visitors in five days!
The show that was dubbed the “Pop Up That Got the Story” media is back!

Rothstein Group “City People” is proud to present
Pop-Up museum TLV 2
again! (Original)

Building 1 // 6 days // 15 apartments
for 6 days will transform a building at 7 Katzenelson Street in central Tel Aviv to
Over 130 artists will take over the walls of the apartments and rooms and fill the building with young, contemporary kicks.
After about 6 days, the building will be demolished.
The building where the exhibition will be held is a building designated for TAM 38 and was donated by the City People for the benefit of the project.
The event created and presented artists from the fields of Street Art, graffiti, painters, illustrators, graphic designers, art directors, decor designers, installation artists and art exhibits.

In a city that never ceases to amaze and surprise, we understand Tel Aviv’s constant need to create new and interesting content, and the importance of supporting and promoting young artists while maintaining the city’s environment and sustainability.

The event is a joint initiative of the people of the city – Living the City Builds the City
One of the leading companies in Tel Aviv specializing in urban renewal in
collaboration with Yaara Sachs entrepreneur and artist in the life style Yaara Sachs
who is an entrepreneur and marketing woman Noi Shay Noy Shay

as a company that builds the city and lives the city “People of the City” believe in developing the city in all areas that include culture and advancement of young artists, so the City Council decided to hold the event and donate the building for the benefit of the project.


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