Sat 19 October 2019 | 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Bascula - HaRakevet 72, Tel Aviv,

Welcome to the 3rd Pole Theme competition!
This year our theme is – The Future!

“The Best Way to Predict The Future Is to Create It” – Peter Drucker

Contestants will present their future as they see it on stage. They Must build a character and a routine based on their choice.
The Future can be the contestants’ own imagination, or can be taken from a movie, a book, a story or a song. The farther the future – the better!
Contestants will be judged not only on their dance routine (clean transition between moves, correct rhythm of movement, music according to chosen character etc.) but will also be based on their expression of the character in a clear and powerful way, correspondence between said character and the costume ,hairstyle and makeup of contestant.

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