Thu 15 November 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Golden Sun Kambucha - Allenby 87, Tel Aviv,

Poetry Slam
Gratitude, thanks, appreciation <3

Gratitude is one of the mightiest forces on earth, that can save us and give us light.

“It is said that in the beginning of time a truce was stuck between darkness and light. An agreement was made, honoring both and in respect of free will. Both sides were to choose a force through which to exercise their reign over humanity. A coin was tossed and destiny would have it that darkness was to pick first.

Darkness chose the ultimate force of Gravity. May gravity forever be enslaved to our will, enforcing and welcoming mankind into our fold.

A little baffled and confused, realizing the immense challenge Darkness has just posed, light cleared her throat and declared: “And so, let it be known that we, the forces of Light choose as our medium of hope and beauty, as our vessel of Divine Love and compassion, none other than our sister – Gratitude. Let it be known that all those who out of free will choose to walk the path of Gratitude are ensured to find the celestial realms….”

Gratitude. The most powerful spiritual force. It can create reality, create happiness.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, join us November 15 and take the opportunity to focus on gratitude.

This Slam will be led by Shira Ziv, If you would like to participate please contact her ❤️❤️

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