Sun 24 February 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
The Zone - Harechev 13, Tel Aviv,

In the Next Playground, You guys are invited to help us make directional decisions, which will dictate the next improvised scene!

Or as we like to call it: “Playground: Evolution Lottery”, what does that mean? come play with us on the 24th to find out 🙂

Playground is a group of ten artists, creating a singular & fascinating improvised music and dance act

In every performance Playground takes a journey into the unknown, built on the chemistry and communication between ten participants, who weave a unique and singular world of sound and movement.

Together they weave a unique and singular world of sound and Movement drawn from jazz, avant-garde, rock, theatrical and electronic music, along with the influences of modern dance, contact-improvisation and free style.

The Amazing Musicians: Ron Almog, Yonatan Albalk, Arthur Krasnobaev, Jonathan Levy & Eden Ladin!
& The Wonderful Dancers: Korina Friaman, Ofir Yannai, Thomas Walscho, Joy Kammin & Gil Kerer!

Lights: Liran Itzhak (AKA “Kushkushon”)
Costumes: Shaked Shroit (AKA “Shaka”)

Doors open @ 21:00, Show starts @ 22:00
“The Zone”, Harechev 13, TLV

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