Thu 22 November 2018 - Sat 24 November 2018 | 9:18 am - 12:18 pm
Shoken 18 - Shoken 18, Tel Aviv , FREE

Plaster 6 is the annual sales exhibition, whose revenues are dedicated to supporting the activities of Physicians for Human Rights, which provides medical treatments and promotes equality in the right to health.

The exhibition will be held for only one weekend, from November 22-24 at the Minus 1 gallery, which will be attended by some 120 leading artists in the Israeli art field, and will be sold in three categories: NIS 4,000, 20,000 NIS and 40,000 NIS .

List of Artists (updated)

KNOW HOPE • Larry Abramson • Ofra Ohana • Yaara Oren • Nir Elroy • Eitan Buganim • Michal Biber • Yael Balaban • Hila Ben Ari • Matan Ben Tolila • Ruthi Ben Yaakov • Amnon Ben-Ami • Ifat Bezalel • Anat Betzer • Michal Becky Robbie Bekel • Michal Brawer • Ido Barel • Ronit Baranga • Adi Brenda • Yoni Gold • Maya Gold • Orit Goldman • Gary Goldstein • Tal Golani • Noa Gofer • Galia Gur Zeev • Maya Gurvitz • Shira Glazerman • Uri Galili • Gidi Galam • Yair Garbuz • Reli de Price • Gil Desiano Biton • Michal Helfman • Gal Weinstein • Yoav Weinfeld • Eilat Zohar • Masha Zusman • Natalia Zorbov • Chen Ziv • Shay Zilberman Roni Yefman • Talia Israeli • Avital Cnaani • Meital Katz Minervo • Hila Leviev • Ernesto Levi • Adam Leif • Sigalit Landau • Tamar Latsman • Elad Larom • Yael Meiri • Inbal Marie Cohen • Lilach Madar • Ohad Matalon • Orly Meyberg • Larissa Miller • Naomi Mandel • Ketura Manor • Rotem Manor • Ido Marcus • Michal Ne’eman • Bachar Nadav • Kerem Natur • Guy Nisenhaus • Avi Sabah • Orly Sever • Hanna Sahar • Ran Selwyn • Sasha Sarber • Shahar Sarig • David Adika • Ron Amir • Sharon Fadida • Ami Pitchb • Galia Pasternak • Max Freedman • Julia Friedin • Helly Friling • Zoya Cherkassky • Yoram Kupermintz • Moran Kliger • Danny Karavan • Avraham Kritzman • Adva Karni • Ofer Rubin • Tamar Roded Shabtai • Chaya Rockin • David Reeb • Shoni Rivnai • Michal Rechter Levit • Philip Rantzer • Rotem Reshef • Moran Shov • Daniella Scheinman • Hanan Shlonsky • Asaf Shani • Hila Spitzer • Zamir Shatz • Yonatan Sharav • Irit Tamari

Since 2013, Plaster has been holding an art sales exhibition whose revenues are intended to support the activities of Physicians for Human Rights. The exhibitions were warmly embraced by the community of artists, supporters of the association and the general public, and enabled a significant increase in the organization’s activities. Over the years, tens of thousands of people have been treated by the organization’s physicians, and thousands of others have received assistance in representing the various authorities.

This year, PHR-Israel intensified its activities in the Gaza Strip, with the organization’s volunteers performing dozens of operations, and the organization transferred medical equipment and medicines worth NIS 2 million since the beginning of the year. As the only Israeli association that brings delegations into the Gaza Strip, the organization’s volunteers also perform professional training for medical teams in Gaza in areas such as surgery, internal medicine, mental health and more.

At the same time, the association continues to provide essential health services to asylum seekers and other stateless persons living in Israel. The association was very active in the struggle against the expulsion of the refugees, when hundreds of medical staff members publicly protested against the expulsion. The organization continues to lead to equality in health between the periphery and the center and the prevention of the privatization of the health system and also responds to requests from hundreds of prisoners a year that the prison system fails in their medical treatment.

Like other human rights organizations and NGOs, PHR-Israel is also attacked by civil and governmental political parties and has been forced to repel false reports about the organization.

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