Wed 28 March 2018 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Maze 9 - Maze 9, Tel Aviv,

Improving the level of service required in public transportation is one of the steps required to reduce social and economic gaps, as well as the completion of the large shortage of subsidized and supervised early childhood homes that are essential for encouraging women to work in Arab society.

The impact of the lack of daycare centers and the low level of public transport services is especially evident in Arab society, where the poverty rate is 2.6 times higher than in the general population, and the employment rate among Arab women is 31.5% versus 79.7% for Jewish women.

The meeting will present the “Guide to the Arab Local Authorities for Mapping, Analysis and Presentation of Public Needs in the Field of Public Transport”, held following Sikkuy’s public participation meetings.
We will also discuss the impact of Resolution 922 on public transport services and the construction of day-care centers for young children, and the challenges and obstacles in implementing the decision before the heads of the local authorities, presenting the existing solutions and adapting them to the needs of the Arab population.

The meeting’s lecturers are Ina Branzburg, Transportation Coordinator and George Suleiman, Day Care Coordinator, Equality Policy Department at Sikkuy

Inna Berenzburg joined Sikui in 2017 as a city and regional planner in the Department for Equality Policy. She holds a BA in Interior Design, Structure and Environment from Shenkar College, and an MA in Urban and Regional Planning from the Pratt Institute in New York, specializing in urban-social planning for the promotion of multiculturalism and the integration of minority cultures.

She is a social activist and a student, among other things she was the chairman of the student union at Shenkar, a member of the governing board of the National Student Union in Israel and a co-chair of the Pratt Institute. Prior to joining Sikui, she did not work at Shenkar as a project manager, and in New York she specialized in urban-social planning in the public sector and the third.

George Suleiman joined Sikui in July 2017 as a city and regional planner in the Department for Equality Policy. George holds a BA in Architecture from Tel Aviv University. His final project dealt with the revival of the ancient nucleus of Nazareth and the connection of the population, its various ages, to its built and cultural heritage. George brings with him extensive experience in planning projects in the area of ​​housing, and senior housing for the elderly, the private sector and the third sector. In addition to his work as a candidate, he is active and volunteers in initiatives to assist asylum seekers and in the Arab-Jewish Forum for Planning. He lives in Jaffa-Tel Aviv.

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