Tue 5 February 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Bascula - HaRakevet 72, Tel Aviv, 55 NIS


Elephants – They are mammals that are the largest living creatures on land today. Damage to habitat and hunting has reduced the current elephant population from a few million to a few hundred thousand. Elephants are quite social creatures and seem to be somewhat able to understand the meaning of death. The elephant is considered one of the most intelligent animals in nature and belongs to a small group of animals that identify themselves in the mirror, ie self-consciousness.

Pilim is a duet of dance and acrobatics, air and ground, two brothers.
Peace and quiet enable an intimate observation of the soul, which at first sight stands firm, but in fact hangs like a thin string of random reality, supporting and listening to each other.

Elephants, is a story about two, which distill their being into acrobatic movement skills and yet blur the boundary between the stage and the normal course of life.

Animal observation allows the audience a clean point of view from judgment between power and sensitivity and between instinct and emotion and gives us the opportunity to learn something about the being of the human animal.

The duet was created as part of a “circus close by” and supported by the ON Center for contemporary circus creation

Live Music by Noam Halper

External repetition and management: Roser Tutusaus

Tom Wexler

Artist, dancer and choreographer. He grew up in Haifa and trained in martial arts and acrobatics as a child. As a dancer, he danced at the Israeli Opera, in the dance company of Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak, and currently dances with Barcelona’s Guy Nader and Maria Campose. Tom has developed an artistic approach to the Movement Archery, which he teaches at seminars and workshops in bands, schools, circus and djoux universities around the world.

Yogi Dekel

A leading movement and circus artist in Israel specializing in air movement and acrobatics. In the last decade he has appeared all over the country in a wide variety of projects, accompanied by artists, creative groups and various performances. For five years he coordinated and taught air courses at the circus school, Sandsiel. Yogi developed an artistic and technical approach to work and movement in the air called Dynamic Thinking, which creates a connection between the aerial work and the ground and currently conducts workshops in Israel and abroad. In the year 2016, he presented his full solo performance “Human”, combining movement on the ground, acrobatics in the air and live music.

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