Sat 9 December 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Gan Meir - King George Street, Tel Aviv,

A proud (and natural) picnic on the lawn in Meir Park.
The TPBK and B’nai B’rith are invited.
Everyone you arrive will bring something tasty and natural to eat or drink, a mat and multi-time dishes. You can also bring musical instruments, board games / box and what can lift …

important comments:
@ I chose to do the vegan picnic. At the same time, the nature of the picnic is a meeting of the social-queer, rather than vegan.
@ No obligation to be vegan. To get to.
@ Do not forget to bring something small to eat. If you do not have the strength to prepare, then buying is also fine. Fruits will be accepted with love and soft drinks. If you bring. If it is not possible to bring something small – we will accept you in love anyway.
I care about the environment and therefore there will not be any PAP tools at the picnic, I would be happy to take care of yourself for a plate, a glass and a double cutlery.
@ Very desirable to bring with you a mat or blanket.
@ In order for the picnic to be a comfortable space for most of us, if you are. This will be more pleasant and less damaging to all of us if you move away from the circle during smoking.
@ You can contact me in details about any question related to the meeting and it is not convenient for you to ask Avont himself.
@ Social anxiety is a common and familiar thing. If it can make it easier to meet with me before the event and get to the event together – then you can coordinate with me in detail.
@ Please be careful. The space is pleasant and free from harassment. (You can ask for a phone number from someone who has found it. You like it, it does not count as harassment if it is agreed upon by both sides and it is done within the bounds of good taste).

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