Fri 23 November 2018 | 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Salomon 7 - Salomon 7, Tel Aviv, 50 NIS

On the occasion of International Philosophy Day 2018 and in the 150th year of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the new Acropolis invites you to meet philosophy as a catalyst for change in man and society, as a guide to self-rule, spiritual freedom and a war of peace.

Is there a connection between the freedom of a people and the freedom of the individual? Can the philosophical approach drive real change?

Discourse on man and society according to the philosophical approach to life and the inspiration of Gandhi; On spiritual freedom, self-rule and internal and social change; Moderated by Ronen Halabi, Director of the New Acropolis in Israel, with the participation of:

Fernando Schwartz, founder and director of the new Acropolis in France, founder and director of the Hermes International Institute for the Study of the Non-Material Human Heritage, an anthropologist and author.

Pierre Pauline, founder of Israel’s new Acropolis, philosopher and photographer.

Noam Sharon, educator and director of Adam-Olam Publishing, which translated from Hindi Hindi Mahatma Gandhi’s book “Self-Government.”

Additional Activities:

השקת The launch of two books by the new Acropolis, Persuus Peace Fighter by Fernando Schwartz, and After the Fall, History Continues … by Pierre Pauline דיאלוג Philosophical Dialogue מוזיקה Live Music “Little Giving ועוד and more …

About the books:

“Peace Peace Perseus” – young people today face challenges that require them to maintain stability and resilience and to have proper internal control.The path of a peace fighter is an ancient way of applying wisdom studies and of giving preference to substance over visibility and property. To a new and better world in which each person will find his place, in which the brotherhood and the welfare of the people will take place, so that one must learn to believe in himself and progress with a gradual discovery of his potential. Today, as in the past, we are ready to play the role, but we still need an imitation model Hib as Perseus, a warrior of peace, to be inspired and to foster internal security.

“After the fall, history goes on …” – this book describes the process of decay of Western civilization; Moral, intellectual and spiritual decline. Although we can not prevent this, the book does not display a fury, but rather outlines the possibility of reaching a renewed cultural flowering. “We defend an idea by applying it” – so Fernando Schwarz summarizes classical philosophers’ message, such as Socrates, Confucius, Buddha and Plato, and Pierre Pauline’s solution in this book. Philosophy is the human shield against violence and extremism of any kind. The philosopher’s weapon is awakening consciousness. The seeds that are stored today in the time capsule can form the basis for a new beginning. What do we want to send into the future as a call for a new and better world?

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