Sun 29 October 2017 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
- , , 50 NIS

How does David Bowie affect millions of people after his death?
Who is Major Tom? And is there really life on Mars?
What was John Lennon’s role in influencing the music of David Bowie?
What is the “Huey histrionics” and how does it cause pop music to break out?
How did the competition with Frank Sinatra give birth to one of the most exciting musical works?

In a fascinating new lecture by Funzing on the bar that combines poetry and demonstrations in acoustic and electric guitars, journalist Avner Hofstein and musician Gil Doek pass through several significant stations in Bowie’s life and work in the sixties, seventies and eighties, discovering the close connection between music and life itself: And each harmonious move promotes personal development.

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