Sun 18 March 2018 - Mon 19 March 2018 | 7:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Pecha Kucha - Huberman 1, Tel Aviv, 40 NIS

Pecha Kucha in Tel Aviv
11 years • 19 events • 40 performances • 190 participants • 80,000 spectators
The 20 th edition of the Pecha Kucha takes place this year on 20/20, and celebrates 20 years since the establishment of the “Paza” company.
If you have already visited one of our evenings in the past you probably know that this is the best opportunity of the year to catch up and get to know everything new / important / interesting in the world of art and culture. If you have not yet visited, we will tell you briefly: Six minutes and 40 seconds are available to 10 artists, who are chosen every year to stand on the pacha kucha stage, to tell about their work. The name Pecha Kucha originates in Japan, meaning the voices that are heard during the conversation, blah blah if you will. The artists participating in the upcoming event create a wide range of interdisciplinary genres and interactions, presenting an interesting texture of works that include life stories, childhood memories, nostalgia and tradition, as well as body, individual and cultural and social cultural status.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, we will cooperate with Gelada and offer a limited edition shirt designed by our designer Daniel Weinberg. The shirts will be sold at the site and at the event itself. In addition, 7 limited edition prints will be offered for sale at the event, designed by illustrators and designers who have graduated from the Pecha Kucha (Yonil, Dede, Gabriela Baruch, Oded Ezer, Uri Tur and others). Shirt price 80 NIS, price Print: 50 NIS.

Pecha Kucha # 20 takes place at the same time as 20 years since the establishment of the production and marketing company, which has sponsored the event since the second year of its existence. The Pecha Kucha operates as a non-profit organization, and is another channel for the activities of its artistic directors and of the “Paza” company, which connects the public and the business sector to the world of art and design. The presentations of dozens of exhibitors are all recorded in videos, available for viewing on the Pecha Kutze site, and constitute a unique art archive.

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