Wed 4 April 2018 | 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
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In honor of Pesach we would like to invite you to a great and fun activity! As part of our volunteering activity, we will arrive at an educational agricultural farm that works with special populations and youth at risk. As part of the activity, we will get the farm ready for the summer: we will do gardening work, plant, help organize the area and have lots of fun.

Afterwards, we will go on a fun and easy trip in the area, filled with lots of surprises to help get to know the volunteers more deeply 🙂

Please note! there will be a shuttle from Tel-Aviv. We will ask for a small fee (Early Birds) of 25 NIS for transportation.
Independent arrival won’t be possible.

***Spots are limited due to space limitations,so pre-registration in advance is necessary***

Please note that while OneDay is all about come when you want and how you want, if you do sign up for our events we please ask that you reserve that part of your day for us.

Within 4 days before the event you will receive a confirmation email approving your registration as long as the spots have not all been taken.

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