Tue 3 April 2018 | 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Rega - Sheinkin 57 , Tel Aviv,

For the true fun of Hanukkah, a second lecture on Jewish holidays through the Kabbalah, but not boring. It seems to me!

The Kabbalistic reading of the Passover story in Aggadah and Torah reveals a holiday that deals with a very clear subject: what is an authentic identity, and how to do it.

We will gather at Cafe Cafe (formerly Cafe Tamar) at 17:30. And we shall smoke as our fathers. I will try to show you something about the holiday that Israelis like the most, but even the least understand or delve into its significance, from the pretentious thought that most of what is called “Jewish studies” or “Kabbalah studies” today is boring missiles, New Age fear or missionary levels. The Kabbalah that we will deal with is one that does not speak of God, but speaks of infinity.

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