Mon 23 April 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

There are these amazing performances, which are so powerful in the consciousness that no matter how many cells are burned, they will always remain and paint everything in a strong color.
We have one, amazing.
Just a year ago, the sea of ​​eyes closed, no one touches the cell phone, star dust spills from the stage and caresses your face and feels it’s so disposable that you’re not sure it’s real at all.

It was a performance of Laila night and it is amazing to announce that after a long time they come to us for a full and very special performance in our Pasážind 2.

To Laila the amazing night join the boys who are totally completely the next hot thing.
And that’s not just what we said, but Time Out, too.
So … After a busy period in the studio and intriguing collaborations real concern Hashash Amiti will come to open the evening, shatter doubts and justify headlines! Yes


And because we’re not resting, we’ll finish sweet …
This time from the stand of the recorders, whoever comes to wrap in hollow soundings all this beauty is the one and only, mounted on a frightening white horse, mister
Gabriel Broid
(the white screen)

Ah and the talented Carm Dror will accompany it all with amazing video art.

That’s it, going to go quietly on holiday,

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