Thu 25 April 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Ozen Bar - King George 48, Tel Aviv,

★ Double entrance lottery for Bon Jovi’s show at Hayarkon Park –
(User Name Remember Me?
The 90’s Party Line invites you to celebrate the Exodus from Egypt on the eve of the second holiday, with the ultimate battle of the children of the Nineties:
Pop vs Rock
Both genres head to head all evening:
Robbie Williams and Green Day, Bon Jovi meets Christina, Justin Timberlake meets Chris Cornell, Gwen meets Britney, Nirvana and the Backstreet, Red Hot Chili Peppers Michael and Madonna, Hi Fife Meet Monica Sex
And many more on the dance floor of the ear combined with the original video clips
To be screened on a huge cinema screen 🙂

Behind the stand, they will catch the Haggadah of the 90’s:
Ofir Sofer
Stav Ben Yakar
Great hits from pop music and rock head to head until we fall off our feet 🙂

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