Thu 11 January 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Haezor - 13 HaRechev St, Tel Aviv, 50 NIS

The area is happy to show:

The area usually does not host many electronic music artists, but following a request from the Tel Aviv Film Festival that takes place this weekend, it was decided to raise the gauntlet and produce a superb night of live electronics and acrobatics, with a regional twist of course

Three powerful electronics artists were recruited for the plot:

DJ Motek (Paris)
Was considered among the pioneers of the esoteric techno-minimal movement that reached the world in the late 1990s. This is one of the extremes of the electronic music world, in which a subject on its wings looked at a wide variety of textures and textures without catching or taking into account any genre or “genre” that was accepted in the genre at the time. DJ Honey is considered one of the greatest experts and collectors in the field with always fascinating sets, it is difficult to know in advance which direction they will go.

DJ Mike Hollen (Paris)
Although Mike started out in the mid-90s, Mike was known mainly as a psychedelic psychedelic pianist, and with the arrival of the new millennium, he has sharpened his style to the minecraft to the present day, where his reputation goes before those of the French capital.

The ensemble is a groundbreaking ensemble with a unique and well-established band composed of renowned vocalists Aviv Cohen (Avishai Cohen / Marina / Eli Degivri) and other high-level members. The sophisticated bits meet virtual virtuosos, samples from space and angles that have not yet been studied. in them.
After a debut album on the burning label
Which hits waves in Israel overseas, moves from spring solo format to the ensemble featuring additional ribs from the first row in the form of:
The singer Jenny Pankins / Yonatan Albalak / Noam Havkin

Doors will open at 21.30, a show of Sol Monk at 22.30 and then guests from Paris in a position to the night brides
A ticket for a celebration at a funny price of NIS 50 in advance purchase here or at the checkout for 70 NIS

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