Sat 14 July 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Beit HaPsanter - Allenby 99, Tel Aviv, FREE

There used to be one land. There were no barriers or borders, different or foreign. It was home to all colors, tastes, smells and sounds. However, the movement of the tablets and the days led to the separation of the giant spaces from one another into separate continents, islands and a large sea between them.
After years of distance and longing, the tablets come together, the colors merge again, if the continents wake up.

Pangea call it and its meaning is all land. Voice, the land.
This voice is the motive to converge, out of a sincere desire to remove roadblocks, free ourselves from fences and bring hearts closer to the city. We found her a loving and loving home in the piano house, and among the keys we will embark on our first journey on Shabbat, 14.7.
We move between deep electro-fibrillation, from low-pitch to low-profile, from one setting to another. There is no way of knowing where we will go.
Tal Wollner begins ✺

22:00 We leave, not sure we are returning.
free admission.

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