Sat 2 June 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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❖ A Celebration of Friendship ❖

Movement… it what takes one particle from one point to the other… the need to move and to create is in our core… The desire to impact, contribute and change leads our direction forward and helping us grow… the unacceptance of the norm is what leads us to question, it what lets our imagination run wild…
Here we are again… about to head out on our next mission… another wonderful step in our developing self. A new venture, which brings a new level of excitement. Our body is electrified and our heart is pounding. This is the place that we strive to be at, and no words can describe the level of adrenaline one feels just by thinking of it.
Come join us as we venture off to this heavenly place where the wind carries you and your worries away into a wave filled with love and music.
This is not a fantasy nor is it a lie but rather an objective consistent of only positive vibes.

The Groove Attack family is proud to present:
O.Z.O.R.A. festival: One Day in Israel 2nd edition
Saturday 02 June 2018

Many remember the madness we experienced the first time we danced on the blasting “One Day Ozora” project in Israel.
We are super excited to say that it’s happening again.
This time we’ll be meeting in a more exclusive location.
Located high up in the mountains with a crazy pool, and limited capacity of 2,000 of the world’s most craziest and beautiful people. Top quality progressive psytrance and psychedelic atmosphere will only enhance this majestic site.

❖ A bit About this wicked psychedelic trance gathering that bring us all together ❖

The free spirited approach of the Ozorian way has gave this remarkable project a superb reputation and a massive global support and on growing followers. The constant desire to upgrade has taken the festival to great heights which is totally inspiring.
Ozora Festival is recognize worldly for its unification of everything psychedelic from the music to the mind enhancing art and deco. The wonder is all around you and the experience… well it just gets better and better over time.
We… Israelis have a strong bond to this festival and not by chance it is everything we might dream of and a bit more. The perfect yearly gathering, which lets us all, celebrate life and freedom.

In favor of this joyful gathering, we decided to summon a number of leading artists which will share their imprint on us…
The first in the list is remarkable producer… a leader in his genre… A musician who’s professional path is linked with the evolving history of Groove Attack and the global Psychedelic Trance scene… He has been a bit absent from the recent Groove Attack events, so we are more than happy to have him back with his addictive “Music full of Soul” which flows like a river to the sea.
Liquid Soul (Switzerland) – Iboga Records

* Event is fully authorized and legal
* Number of tickets is limited
* Age: 21+

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