Fri 8 March 2019 | 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Brown Hotel - Kalisher 25, Tel Aviv,

OverAll 🈴 8/9.3.2019

➗ Clothing ➗
Мой-moi collection KESH limited Sorry Natalie Walker Clothing MULI 1969 מולי A22 ANAT Zafrir NOGA שירואטו shiruetto
➕accessories ➕

C’s cuffs Studio oh Gal Barash Studio שקפק22 – sackpack22 Calderona ORNA – FINE DESIGN MERCe SHiZiNG Linucha Mirjam Roth

And more to come…

Street wear culture believes that what we wear should express who we are.
We don’t wear brands just for their names, but for their massage and agenda.
We need our clothes to tell our story.

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