Tue 11 June 2024 | 12:00 pm - 11:45 pm
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Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Event at Shavuot!

At least, everything we know so far. The rest we’ll decode together, later on.

The Concept

This year we’re returning in a different format, subject to all the constraints and the reality of 2024. The event this year will be different from previous years in many aspects, yet similar in the most important aspect of all – the Midburn community coming together for a week of art, self-expression, and “burning.”


The event this year will take place in Shitim village, and will be smaller than previous years, marking a decade since the first Midburn event and laying the groundwork for the next ten years. Midburn is turning ten, and it has already gone through so much in its decade of existence. We will mark this decade by coming together.


The upcoming event won’t be Midburn as we’re used to. Given the circumstances, sensitivity, and considering the location itself, we thought of a somewhat different concept. It’s a time when we need to think creatively, step out of the existing perception, and try something a bit different. Although the fog of war doesn’t allow for long-term planning, the vitality, communal encounter, and creative fervor within us, alongside the difficulty and pain, gives us an opportunity to reevaluate things we’ve grown accustomed to as “Midburn” – what a camp looks like, what the Playa is, allocations, production, and more.


After brainstorming in various circles, we are pleased to announce the decade event for Midburn – “Burn to Basics”.


The location


We take hold of the compound and create our small communal village, utilizing existing infrastructure but also reinventing all the space according to our character and dreams.

About the name
It seems that in this year, with its challenges and sensitivities, there is room for something more modest. More basic or foundational. Let’s return to basics. On the communal level, at the level of the ten principles, and at a size that is feasible at the moment. It’s also the decade of Midburn, a great time to talk about the sources and the roots, the initial experience, but also to look forward to the next ten years.


Similar to the traditional city of Midburn, here too we will continue to maintain the structure we are used to (with a twist we’ll talk about soon). As always, it’s an event based on the Ten Principles and relies on experience.

Unlike a “regular” event, we’re aiming for a concept with several changes that fit the time, situation, and site requirements:

Focus on culture and art – Empowering the creative experience and the principle of participation – we want to create art, content, playfulness throughout the event and not just during build time before the event.
Engagement and contemplation on the future of Midburn (explained later).
No allocations (you heard right. The ticketing plan is at the end).
A different design of “the village” to better utilize the space and refresh the perception and expectations – it appears that the center of the “village” will be the area where the experiential events, encounters, art, creation, and more will take place.
There will be a dedicated space attentive to people who have experienced trauma, for coping, processing. Not healing or therapy, but certainly awareness that there are members in the community who have gone through something difficult and complex in recent times. Of course, like everything else, it will rely on community initiatives.
Imagine an event dedicated to thinking and dreaming about who and what we want to be in the next ten years. A space that encourages participation in creation, action, dialogue, and experiences of who we can be.

Imagine an event where participants are positioned, either as camps or individuals in tent areas, while most content and art take place in two defined areas – in the central compound and in the Deep Playa.

Imagine an event where the content or theme are clearer and less abstract than other events, yet allow absolute freedom of expression and action.

 How will it happen?

About content and participation


For logistical and technical reasons our site will be divided into three main areas:

Accommodation Area – The place for setting up camps and tents (this of course does not mean that content cannot be hosted and created at the camp. But we want to emphasize content outside the camp).
Village Center – The event area in the “constructed” area of Shitim, will centralize broad parts of the content and activities, and some of the art at the event. The Village Center is our main resource, and it will be partitioned collaboratively, during tours for artists, camp leaders, and prominent community members. According to the contents that will be created, we will divide the area together to allow as much as possible.
Deep Playa – an area hosting art and installations while preserving the uniqueness of nature. We will not allow vehicles there, probably won’t burn effigies there, and won’t change the landscape – in the setups and in the event in general.

Ideas that have come up so far:
– Continuous creation with wood and iron.
– Theater performances and shows.
– Sound of all types.
– Immediate and mobile experiences.
– Culture, philosophy, and discussions about the movement’s vision, nostalgic panels about 10 years ago, and dreaming about the next 10 years together with the founders
– Commemoration for community members
– And of course, an endless number of ideas that will come from you. In Shitim, there are rooms and halls, grass spaces, activity areas, wide desert, which are very suitable for this perception and an open and inviting desert.

Every event has its own story. In Midburn, for example, you write your story, for example – camp Carrot, Shithole, Art Car, Lemons, Cocktail Bar. Here you are invited to write your story in the decentralized community area. A collaborative content-sharing atmosphere, a kind of open-source event – being open to sharing your content , together we design the experience, experiment with creation together, flow with people and the territory’s vibes, and imagine together. It will be expressed in our art and supported by the Art Fund, in active spaces, in planning and executing the content.


Content and art can take place in three ways:

Playing in an existing structure or allocated space according to needs and availability (halls/rooms/domes/spaces) – we will decide together after tours by artists and camp leaders. Mark your calendar – Artist and Content creators tour, Saturday April 13th. Details will be published separately.
Playing in a structure they will build themselves (tent/awning/dome/canopy).
– As Pop-Up (box/cart/facility and other portable or temporary facilities).
Note – we are used to thinking about exciting content in the camp areas, and that’s great! but this time we call on the community to create content in the communal area, in a more inclusive, open, and spacious manner.

Check Out The Event

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