Thu 21 March 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
P8 Gallery - HaPatish 1, Tel Aviv,

Solo Exhibition Shir Lousky
Out of touch

Treasures Hagar Brill

Exhibition Opening 21.3.19
Time 20:00

Gallery Talk Saturday, 6.4.19 at 12:00

The exhibition outside the touch of a poem Lousky formed out of a deceptive and complex relationship between photography and sculpture, between flat image and three-dimensional material. Lousky’s photographs trace material disturbances: openings, fragments, windows, holes and potholes. All these become spatial-spatial elements in the gallery space: a high wall with a large hole opening up to reveal, partially, what is hidden behind it, pipes penetrating the space envelope, entering and leaving the wall, and a black pool that creates an enigmatic reflection on the gallery floor. Alongside all of these, one photographic image incorporates layers on layers of separate objects, compressed into the flatness of photographic paper, and dissolve together into a twilight zone where the outside and the interior are not separated.
Lousky’s works seek to re-examine the relationship between strata and superficiality, openings and obstructions. Outside the touch allows us to reflect on an existential validity stemming from the creation of an image – but it also shatters through it, and to manifest for us the gray area that exists between what we see in the world and what it really has.

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