Thu 10 August 2017 | 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Givat Haviva - Givat Haviva, Ma'anit Secretariat, 330-390 NIS

The The 10th Osho Israel Festival

There are special and formative moments, the tenth year of the Osho Israel Festival is such and it is very festive for us.

A milestone, an important perspective on action, a reunion, something to appreciate, a moment to look back on, everything that has been up to now, looking forward to everything that will be and will come.

It has been ten years since there are three days a year, which are days of together, which are a meeting place, a gathering of the community, a place to celebrate and dance, a place to open and experiment with new things, to go through the process and dive in, a place to inspire and accumulate energy, Or give a jump to the cold water in the pool, a place for one moment to get out of the ordinary routine and float for three days in a utopian world that combines perfectly between exterior and interior, between moving music and silence, alone and together.

Are very excited to be back in this place for a tenth consecutive year and are preparing you for quite a few surprises and special things.

About the festival

Osho Festival celebrates 10 years!

The festival, which over the years touched and influenced the lives of many and grew to be the largest Osho festival in the world, creates a unique situation in which for three days a whole village is built that embodies a vision of a utopian and complete life.

You are invited to three days in a colorful village and from everything you know, a village that combines a unique and powerful transpositional awareness conference with the festival.

The conference, which is Osho’s annual conference in Israel, is considered by many to be the greatest spiritual teacher of the 20th century and the modern era, and one of the most influential in the history of mankind. Fascinating experiences open to the general public on various topics in 10 air conditioned halls with hundreds of participants. With disciplines divided into topics of therapy, meditation, relationships, breathing, movement, body, nutrition, therapy, development, awareness and children.

With all this festival happening.

A great musical celebration with live performances by the best artists from 3 stages throughout the village. From the exciting acoustic performances in the air-conditioned auditorium in the mornings and midday, through Grove and Funk, you can swim in the afternoon pool and towards sunset, and until you can enjoy sweeping and rhythmic performances on the main stage at night, followed by parties on the outdoor grass into the small hours of the night.

A winning combination between interior and exterior, between music and quiet, between celebration and tranquility, between time alone and with friends, you choose the rhythm and the dosages.

It is an open gathering of friends and friends of friends of friends (and a great place to know it as new). Time together out of routine and normal surroundings in a family atmosphere, open, relaxed, happy, intimate and not mass.

The festival is held on the green and spacious campus of Givat Haviva, right in the backyard of Pardes Hanna – Karkur, you can also find a large swimming pool, endless grass and space, quiet areas, shaded camping areas, various air conditioned rooms, , An artists’ market, street and circus performances, vegetarian and vegan food, and more surprises and unexpected things.

We have worked quite a bit over the years to reach the tenth year, the festival has been developing every year anew, we have been through a number of people who have gone through countless unforgettable moments, a sea of ​​meetings, dances, significant things that people have been through, we are very excited to continue to march and celebrate a decade .

❖ Tickets ❖

The first round of discounted tickets ended within a few days, now the second round with a limited amount of tickets for 330 shekels.

In every round of ticket sales a limited amount, when they run out to the next round, the earlier you buy a card the more you will save money. The number of tickets for the festival is limited and they run out of time.

Limited amount of first tickets – NIS 300 – SOLD OUT
Second round of tickets – 330 NIS
Third round of tickets – NIS 360
Last tickets – NIS 390

❖ Accommodation and rooms ❖

On the campus there is a camping area in a beautiful and shaded grove, where lodging is included in the card.

There is also a limited number of air-conditioned rooms for festival guests, ranging from double rooms to rooms for 3,4 and even 8 people in the room of your choice.

A room in the room will give you a quiet and private corner to be in during the festival, shower, air conditioning, bed and bed linen.

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