Thu 2 November 2017 | 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Gordon Gallery - Hapelech 6, Tel Aviv, FREE

Gordon Gallery is pleased to invite you to open Philip Rantzer’s new exhibition on Thursday, November 2 at 19:30 at the gallery at 6 HaPalach St..
The title of the exhibition refers to Aharon Ashman’s poem “The Zionists,” which for Rantzer is an expression of the spirit of the period of the establishment of the state. The song expresses the social and moral ideas and conventions of the birth of the Hebrew nation. This birth is accompanied by large migratory movements and a multicultural encounter in a place that crystallizes its collective identity. Rantzer’s ongoing work operates in the same range of thought as wandering migration and identity crisis.
For the exhibition, Rantzer created an installation specifically for the gallery space, consisting of dozens of vehicles – bicycles, carts, wheels and more. For each of them he created a structure of cardboard houses and various packaging of consumer goods used by the artist’s family.
The impression of the massive-obsessive spectacle is that of a large city on wheels, a hint of migratory movements and transitions from place to place where the place remains stationary and portable at the same time.
The exhibition will be closed on Saturday 25 November.

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