Thu 21 November 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Central Bus Station - Neve Sha'anan St 46, Tel Aviv,

Under the ground, in the depths of the central station, there is a space that has been abandoned and forgotten somewhere in Tel Aviv history. The empty light boxes previously used to show the movie posters, which were screened in the abandoned cinema, have been redecorated by posters introducing the concept of “white elephant” to the participating artists.

The exhibition breathes life on the deserted floor of the station: for a whole week the space is washed away with light and color, and the empty dust boxes that put dust back into use showcase contemporary art.

The new central station in Tel Aviv is abandoned in half of its commercial areas, weakening its brutal style throughout the region and causing its economic and social deterioration. 26 years after it opened, it is still the second largest station in the world and some 80,000 visitors pass through it every day. The station is probably the largest architectural failure in the country, making it a white elephant covering an area of ​​230,000 square meters, divided into six levels with about 6 km of corridors and aisles.

For the Central Station Week, host the White Elephant Exhibition as part of the 2019 Illustration Week where 35 artists will present their White Elephant.

Participants: Adva Santo, Ilya Pozdiev, Itamar Makover, Eitan Zelwer, Erez Cohen, Gabriel Yavetz, Gal Musir, Gal Primak Njeri, Dave Jacob, Dana Kreisberg, Dror Cohen, Hadar Shahar-Azulay, Hagai Fargo, Chen Plamenbaum, Yair Peretz-Davidi, Yuval Hecker, Yael Albert, Destination Shadmi, Maya Schuldenfrey, Michal Winterrow, Niv Abodram, Nissim Kazantini, Noam Berger, Sergei Yitzhakov, Omar Porat, Idan Sidi, Inbal Geri, Kostya Farm, Carlos Karen, Ruth Merom, Rotem Keenan, Dawn of the First, Almond Gardens, Sharon Cohen, Tam Karib.

Opening Event: Thursday, November 21, 7:00 pm

Sponsored by: NRG from the Orange

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