Fri 18 May 2018 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Dolphinarium Tel Aviv - Dolphinarium, Tel Aviv,

“Those who have the right to know have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

On Friday, 18.05.2018, we, the Israeli Front for the Liberation of Animals, opened the summer with a huge thunderous protest in order to cry out the cry of the tortured animals.

Every day billions of animals are held under conditions of slavery, humiliated, exploited, abused and finally murdered by no fault of their own. The vast majority of the Israeli public is blind to the suffering of animals, not familiar with the horrific practices used by the milk, eggs, meat and evil axis, and those who are aware of this fear the harm to their comfortable daily routine.

In protest, we will stand with signs and a signed mouth with a clear message of animal liberation, with the aim of exposing the lies and contradictions of the animal food industries.
There will not be one to pass us and be able to ignore!

In 2018 everyone knew the bitter truth that they were responsible for – separating babies from their mothers, crunching chicks, electrification, gimmicky, cutting, pulling out, mutilation, insemination, cruel abuse, and the despicable slaughter of animals who could not defend themselves!

We will all gather at 11:00 in the plaza of the Dolphinarium in the Tel Aviv promenade and walk along the promenade when it is crowded with people.

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