Fri 8 November 2019 - Sat 9 November 2019 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Kiryat Hamelacha - Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv,

We are Kiryat Hamelacha, creative in all arts fields, galleries, curators, and artists working together and developing projects in the israel contemporary art scene.
.we are located in south Tel Aviv in a former industrial area designed by Ytzhak Rapaport and Asher Gilberman.
Outside you ll be able to enjoy our street art and urban project that drives with colors through studios, crafters and galleries.

Inside you ll be able to visit artists in their studios and see work in progress and art never seen before.
.In the galleries, you’ll be amazed by the different choices of galleries and vibrant contemporary art scene.

We are happy to invite you to visit for this unique event in collaboration with the city hall and art department of Tel Aviv

.As you can imagine, art is a purpose, a passion, and work.
You can start collecting art, learn more about Artists and designers, collaborate and enjoy being in the heart of the community.

**** Free entrance

Idith Levy⎮ Lili Liliana Fisher ⎮ Yotam Kuperberg ⎮ Dorith Kalish Teichman ⎮Fanny Horowitz⎮ Tova Eldad⎮ Tova Pesah⎮ TLV ceramix – קרמיקה תל אביב⎮Aya Sarig Shaanan⎮
Nirit Katzenstein⎮ Carmela Eldar⎮ Esti Drori Hayout
Nira Tessler⎮ Dalia Hay Acco⎮ Tamar Lederberg⎮
Rotem Reshef⎮Gilit Levin Ronen⎮ Odelia Elhanani⎮ Aya Chowers⎮ Belle Shafir⎮ Lili Cohen Prah-ya⎮ Junktion People⎮ המפעל 1⎮Tirtza Freund⎮ Fibers⎮Zick Ofer⎮ Shir Shvadron⎮ Roey Koren⎮ Unrelated – Artists Supports Art⎮ Rosa Mariniansky Ben Arie @Debra Kalmanowitz Hagit Kazinitz⎮Zvika Lachman⎮ Kuchinate – קוצ’ינטה – African Refugee Women’s Collective⎮Anna Fromchenko⎮
Jessica Moritz⎮ Ora Brill⎮ Anat Maya⎮Hila Laiser Beja⎮
Oded Ilan



Design//עיצוב :
ג’סיקה מוריץ// Jessica Moritz
Jessica Moritz// jeszmo_art

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