Fri 15 February 2019 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Prettimess House - Franzos 14, Tel Aviv,

In the best tradition, we open our studio on the outskirts of South Tel Aviv and invite you to come and spend a day with us, buy art, tattoo, listen to music, talk with us and whatever mental health professionals do not recommend.

This time, unlike a regular open studio, we invite you to a spontaneous flash-spot, where you can get tattooed instead! New tattoos in original designs and promotional prices between 350 and 500 NIS! So, how does it work?

Each of the studs will publish the samples that will be available for tattooing during the open studio.
The options will depend on the place and you will be able to see what has been captured and what is still available.
The Flash-Day will be run on a first-come, first-served basis, and every design will be done only once.
So if you need a particular design, we recommend that you come first, get there and catch it.
Arrive, approach the saleswoman, design, drink, enjoy and wait for your turn.

important to emphasize:
You can not reserve designs in advance, the chosen design can not be changed, and the size can not be changed unless the tattooist recommends, the tattoo will be done at special prices only on 15.2.19, the prices are final,
If designs remain available, they can be reserved at a regular price, at a later date and in coordination with the tattooist.
Please note that the number of customers who will be stuck on that day is limited.

All rights reserved
UNTAY, Katya Bariudin, omri goldzak
And can not be transferred to another artist.

So what’s on the tattoo menu?
New shirts, prints, stickers, filled with other beautiful things we produced especially and full of atmosphere that you can take home.


The unquestioned King of March, will present a new collection of t-shirts, and of course many prints, stickers and much more


Will show new prints, stickers and of course will tattoo his excellent flashbacks instead.

Katya Bariudin

Separate your mind from the body with Leiner 14, and whoever survives can purchase new prints and a host of other products

Omri Goldzak

The man and the calligraphy, will bless you with new and special ink and a host of other surprises.

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