Sun 20 May 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Yeoshua Bar - Ben Yehuda 22, Tel Aviv,

The open stage of the Yeoshua Bar takes place every Sunday, over seven years 🙂
Why is our stage worth?
Because why do not you carry a guitar on your back when you just want to drink beer and play 🙂
This is the only open stage in the city that maintains and maintains quality tools for your use without having to bring any of your musical instruments.
We have several tools, including:
Full drum set Electric piano yamaha Cain pearl vintage Electric guitar fender Stratocaster with a pleasant set of effects Flyreeg | Ibanez g10 sound gear | Classical Guitar of Cort Fender acoustic guitar Acoustic guitar takamine Various percussion instruments
and most importantly !!! We have the best soundmen and we will always be happy to join and accompany you if you do not want to play 🙂
You can bring personal tools, as long as it flows.
There is no need to register in advance, we arrive and register with the stage host in the evening.

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