Sat 11 November 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
RAMA - King George 38, Tel Aviv,

We have been able to state here that since we opened, 3,358 cocktails have been ordered, 8,952 beers (in different sizes – let’s not be petty), and you can also say 8,179 pizzas, but this is not so relevant because by the time we take out the avant-garde, a few hundred more will be invited. But the beauty of the items is amazing, and the pizzas are not bad either, and the one we’ve expanded and added a few more not only on a carbohydrate basis – it’s a luxury, but it does not matter if there are not those people who love the lounge bar or tables, Those who prefer the experience get on the stairs.
These are the people who visit the place every day (well .. nuu .. except Shabbat and holidays) we decided no less than ourselves for you we must ..
So we decided not to bring in explosive data (or actually) and regardless, we are a little excited because not every day for birthday babies celebrate … It’s true that we’re talking about once a year, but it’s the first time … and you know … for the first time. … Sometimes you are a bit hesitant, worried and worried, but once you decide that you go for it – love it you learn … (do not think too much about things – we’re celebrating the birthday party) … and if you’re wondering What are the celebrations for the “Rama” we are planning: So: stalls, surprises, drinks and DJ Roy Guray on the keyboard (well .. not really on the keyboard anymore than on the mixer, Rhymes).

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