Thu 18 October 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Maagan Michael Kibbutz - Maagan Michael, Maagan Michael,

Autumn is already here and he brings with him the good spirit, the most beautiful sunsets
The observation, the change and the renewal.

And we are very happy to invite you to a common space where we will dance and be happy
We’ll connect and be free ..
At a musical autumn party

One Tribe ✫ The Autumn Dance

18.10.18 Thursday 21:00
Sonia Maagan Michael

This time, we decided together, to catch up all night, more long and pampering sets,
Such that we can experience them more, feel and devote ourselves to them ..

About the music:
Yano Sade
DJ and music researcher
Which comes with a happy and tribal set
Full of hot bass and colors.

Yoav Saban
A colorful music scene that crosses borders and is rich in groove and joy of life

You will find a warm, cozy,
At the bar you will find courteous service and fair and good kibbutz prices ..
And around it will be a good sound and a positive autumn atmosphere ..

At the entrance after confirmation of participation (interested / participating in the Facebook event …)
60 zuzim
Those who did not approve
(The place is limited by the number of people

And also tell only to those you love
And to anyone who really wants to dance
And let’s celebrate the music together

love * love * love

He created the invitation with great talent
Sa Barakeh

“The wind of autumn to the road brought promises
Good days are at the door
And an innocent pigeon carries a branch of good luck
And peaceful peace across the sky ”

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