Tue 2 April 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Simple Story - Shabazi 36, Tel Aviv,


“This morning I rode the bike and enjoyed the wide sky in front of me on the edge of the city, breathing the unobstructed air, and everywhere signs were hanging forbidding Jews to turn on the roads leading to nature, but the sky was too high for us. We can not make it difficult for us, we can deprive us of property, limit our freedom of physical movement, but the real harm to our power comes from ourselves, from our very mentality … From our feeling that we are persecuted, humiliated and oppressed, Behind which lies the fear … Life is beautiful in my eyes and I feel you I am a happy man, and I bless my life, yes, even in this year, the year 1942, the year that knows how much to fight. ”

A simple story invites an evening of reading and discussion in Eti Hilsum’s diaries, published in the name of “The Heavens Within Me”. Hilsum, a Dutch Jew, documented in her journals the culmination of a fascinating emotional and spiritual process that took place at the heart of one of the darkest periods of history, on the eve of the Nazis’ invasion of the Netherlands, and the courageous and extraordinary way in which she chose to deal with the hatred that spread over Europe in those years.
The meeting, the first evening of a series of planned meetings, is an open invitation to a guided conversation following the reading of Hilsum’s journals from 1941-1943. This opening session, to be held prior to the holiday of freedom this year, will be dedicated to discussing the concept of inner freedom and its performances in Hilsom’s writing.

The event will be moderated by Ama Shem-ba Ayalon, the initiator of the alternative Holocaust Day ceremony in the spirit of Etti Hilsom, held every year for a decade.

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